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The WoodHill Group has an opportunity for a finance director or controller position. See link below for details.



The WoodHill Group exists to address the complex accounting, finance, and treasury needs of Michigan businesses and institutions.


Our team of licensed professionals leverages over 100 years of combined experience in all facets of financial acumen, putting real expertise back into operational consulting.


We approach each client with two primary objectives:​

1. Improve the “System of Record”

We go deeper than the reports to improve the accounting systems and business processes that generate the financials by placing our highly-experienced professionals as operational consultants.

2. Create a Sustainable Accounting Environment

We work to develop independent financial operations for organizations in government, business and non-profit sectors through process improvement, documentation and training.


We are here to help you drive change. 
Together we will shape the future. 

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The broad-based objective of The WoodHill Group is to improve the operational excellence of accounting, finance, and treasury departments within Michigan businesses and institutions.

We provide services on an as-needed basis working with business leaders, staff, elected and appointed officials.

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Our resources include principals and professionals with over a century of combined experience managing accounting systems, financial reporting, budgeting, grant tracking, utility rate studies, as well as conducting labor negotiations, pension, payroll, and other financial analyses.

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