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We work with key stakeholders at local government and businesses to help fulfill the fiduciary responsibilities of leadership by focusing on efficient processes, data integrity, and clear reporting to support high-quality data-driven decision-making.


Led by an experienced team of financial agents, WHG provides boots-on-the-ground expertise, leveraging relationships with in-place personnel to eliminate process-loss and improve data streams while elevating the controls and transparency for leadership to make better decisions for their organization.

Accounting & Controls


WHG undertakes the change-management required to simplify financial reports and clarify terminology so city councils, boards and executive managers can easily understand the data.


Our focus is on readability and transparency in addition to accuracy and timeliness. We do this by upgrading the processes and structure to enhance system-generated reports. The accounting only matters to the extent management can read and understand the financials and the underlying data is correct. With this understanding, WHG cultivates financial reports with useful, useable information allowing leadership to maintain an action-oriented bias that drives organizational development and forward momentum. 

Financial Reporting


WHG has extensive experience developing and implementing the processes necessary to generate thoughtful budgets reflective of the organization’s priorities.


The budget process is the most important function within an accounting group. With a well-defined and participative budget process, administrative officers have a formal means to evaluate existing asset quality, identify needs and submit for capital outlay.


Through an inclusive budget process, the head of each function is placed in a proactive role to manage capital, personnel and other resources necessary to handle day-to-day operations as well as larger organizational objectives.



The right software coupled with logical business processes help to gain economies of scale and leverage human resources. If there are gaps in the setup logic or the processes are not integrated with the right automated data streams, it can create convoluted records and tangled webs of records that are hard to analyze. This deleverages human resources and can lead to inaccurate decisions.


The WoodHill Group works with local government and businesses to eliminate their pain points and avoid operational pitfalls through effective process mapping, program setup and root-cause analysis. We reach deep into the system-of-record to clarify and isolate the critical pathways that allow financial ecosystems to run the way they are designed: smooth, clear and accurate.

Process Improvement


As partners with our clients, WHG conducts periodic cost and revenue studies to ensure income streams are accurately mapped to correct fixed and variable cost structures as changes to market dynamics, legislation and capital outlay can shift the dynamics of a product or service provided.


With a deep bench of expertise, WHG effectively adds value to product and service strategy with revenue and cost studies and through the resulting financial models and business pro formas.

Rate Studies


WHG offers personnel as a stop-gap during times of attrition in local government and businesses to ensure regulatory deadlines and operations are not materially impacted. Staff augmentation can help meet the need by supplying resources with the right skills to support existing staff without the commitment of adding full-time employees.


As a facilitator of best-practices, WHG staff augmentation often results in lasting improvements to business process, data management and the knowledge-base of the internal talent pool.

Staff Augmentation


As a strong aspect to WHG’s value-proposition, our team members are at an interesting time in their careers; they are more driven to instill their expertise in their clients’ staff, than in securing a long-term, time-heavy retainer contract. That is why it is an open book at WHG—we work our way out of financially-heavy contracts by reshaping departments and retraining internal staff around better operating methods.


It is all too often that internal resources are blockaded or left-out of the set-up logic and problem-solving processes when outsourcing a functional role or relying heavily on third-party vendors. WHG works to reverse that process by coaching internal talent to better understand and control their finances and systems--leaving our clients in a sustainably stronger position.

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