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Needing Controller Expertise


The idyllic atmosphere of WHG's client is a natural bellwether settled between Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti and Belleville standing as testament to the planning committee’s foresight in stopping hazardous industrial development from polluting the community. The roads may not be the smoothest, nor does it have the highest per capita income; rather, the easements are flush with diverse vegetation and as you drive down the windy roads amidst leaves dancing in the wind—you may notice an equestrian or two out for a horseback ride.

Pain Point

Unfortunately for the taxpayers in this community, a weed crept in costing them hundreds of thousands of dollars…

Amidst the tangled web of over-complicated accounting procedures, convoluted record keeping, and corrupt administration; the townships books were tattered and in ruin. The community was under a review letter from the Michigan Department of Treasury, embezzlement charges were levied and stuck to previous deputies, uncashed checks lingered in filing cabinets, and consultants were hired for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The WoodHill Group

In walks a newly-elected administration, and with them comes The WoodHill Group - a team of seasoned controllers with a focus on transparency. Within weeks, WHG partnered with the Clerk and Treasury departments to correct the program structures, streamline the accounting system, introduce the proper cash controls, and draft the right resolutions to elevate the level of governance and procedural oversight.

Additionally, the officers and staff have received the benefit of side-by-side and on-call training from some of the best controllers in the State of Michigan.

Resulting Benefits

The result—an office that can stand on its own two feet with a sound accounting system and accurate financial data beneath it. The Township Administration has a solid footing to make its way into the next era of prosperity... and maybe get some smoother roads.

  • Internal Controls – in place!

  • Interdepartmental Transfers— eliminated by pooled accounting!

  • Bank Reconciliations – up-to-date!

  • Bank Fees – dramatically reduced!

And for the first time in a long while, the Township’s financial reports are accurate and on time.

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