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Internalizing the Role of Payroll


With high-paying automotive jobs, stunning architecture, a plentiful taxpayer base and superb library—the city was nothing short of a wonderful place to live.

With the exit of the automotive powerhouse, Chrysler, the city suffered declines in population and wages, with nothing left but the bones of an economic engine, rusted and crumbling to the pressures of poverty and crime.

Pain Point

The city is currently in a declared emergency status by the State of Michigan, with a State appointed administrator in place to re-negotiate its service contracts and turn around its operations…

But in this disorder, where to begin but where the money is managed? Finance.

And where else in finance to begin than with the city’s biggest expense? Personnel.

The WoodHill Group Solution

Payroll is a tricky process; a process of caveats. Every data entry is different—every time. And with an outside vendor owning the city’s data, combined with confusing data entry and limited reports and access to historical information; WHG's client decided they needed to bring transparency back to these expenses in order to control them.

The migration was painful; the data was held hostage and the records were in disarray.

And pushing through all of this, WHG is bringing home a win for the city. With the right parameters in place and strong process documentation, everything from pension payouts and salary withholdings to salary changes and union contracts; the moving parts to payroll have been brought in-house.

Resulting Benefits

Going forward, this massive expense will be transparent to city management, the data and control will be maintained in-house, and the community will benefit from less reliance on outside resources and…

  • Reduced vendor fees

  • More involvement and review of data

  • Better reporting capabilities

  • Increased accuracy of payments

  • Ownership of historical records

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